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Nyamadzawo dares world of possibilities

Zig Ziglar’s famous quote“Where you start is not as important as where you finish” best matches Simba Nyamadzawo’s fourth inspiration book Emerge – a book I believe to be an epic story of a village boy from Domboshava.

Emerge is a gripping inspirational story in which a frail village boy from Domboshava rises against all odds to master the world stage from failing mathematics to being ridiculed by the whole school and to finally becoming an award-winning author, speaker and leader.

Recently named by the Business Connect as an “Iconic Pace Setter”, The charismatic author, whom I have drawn inspiration from and interacted with over the years, shares what is undoubtedly one of Africa’s success stories of men who defy the odds, challenge their backgrounds and circumstances and rise to the occasion.

In my own opinion, apart from the late millionaire socialite Genius Kadungure or Ginimbi, who is famous for building a multi-million-dollar mansion in Domboshava, Nyamadzawo’s style and consistency in vividly expressing his pride to his African roots particulary village life in Domboshava through his books from Tatenda, Mazvita and now Emerge, undoubtedly self-appoints and crowns him as theundisputable brand ambassador of Domboshava.

It is this pride in his humble beginnings that “leader Dzawo” as I affectionately call him, positions himself in the same “WhatsApp group” as that of Charles Mungoshi, Chinua Achebe and the Tsitsi Dangarembgas of this world, African authors whose writings, books and success stories have remained authentic to their roots.

“I grew up in Domboshava just 30 km north of Harare, in a village surrounded by granite hills. The village is famous for its balancing rocks. Local and foreign tourists alike come from wide afar to tour and climb monumental Domboshava caves and the famous Ngomakurira Hills” (pp.1)

Thus at the beginning of the book Emerge, Nyamadzawo arrests the reader’s attention through an open invitation to his rural homestead, Domboshava, which he paints as a vibrant tourist attraction with a hive of economic activity. He states,

“Domboshava is known for its horticulture. Several of our neighbours grow enough vegetables to feed their families and to sell at the markets like Mbare Musika to sustain themselves. (pp.1)

As he wrote Emerge, Nyamadzawo seems to have been motivated by the hardships he encountered as a village boy, from sacrifices which his mother Amai Wadzanai made to fend for them as well as several moments when he experienced the downside of life, the failures, rejection and painful moments including battling tuberculosis, to overturning lemon into lemonade.

In his writing, Nyamadzawo successfully manages to hook reader to sympathise with him and also induces humour as he shares his lowest moments when he was ridiculed by the whole school and he recounts:

“I became the laughing stock of the entire school including form one girls who could not help but giggle at my attempts to fluently read my little speech. From assembly time until late that afternoon I was mocked and cartooned at every turn” (pp.7)

For me, Emerge is the blueprint and roadmap that inspires hope, redefines success and invites the reader to a new world of possibilities through teachings and important nuggets on how one can rise above to the occasion and succeed.

Among the nuggets shared by the charismatic author include building relationships and people skills, seeking mentorship, managing time and most importantly prayer and the book is filled by various scriptural references which matches most of the aspects covered.

At a time when Covid-19 has triggered many challenges, from tragic losses, economic and personal hardships–and at a time when many are on the verge of giving up, Emerge is a book that inspires hope and confidence.

It is a book for those who feel rejected and will turn their rejection into redirection, a book for those who want to follow their passion.

It is indeed a book for those ready to defy their circumstances and humble beginnings, those who want to explore a new world of possibilities.

The most successful person is not the one who has climbed the highest mountain but he who has come out of the deepest valley, seems to be the author’s main message in Emerge.

  •  The Writer Fungayi Sox is a Harare-based communications consultant with special interest in book editing, education, personal development, digital media technologies and publishing. He can be contacted on +263 776 030 949 or follow him on Twitter @AntonySox.

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