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Skin revolutionist records business boom


A WOMAN is as beautiful as she feels and the best way to gain that confidence is by taking care of your skin.

Skin revolutionist and Balm of Africa MD Faith Ruramai Marange, who is also an advocate for keeping one’s skin natural, is scoring big in an industry that is generally controlled by big international brands and players.

Speaking to Standard Style, the fair-skinned beauty said she is happy to be living her dream as her wholly indigenous Balm of Africa business is making a name through their skin care range of products.

“The skin care and beauty industry is generally controlled by big international brands, but I am happy that we have made our mark as a wholly indigenous brand.

“This brand is only two years old, but I have since given my time and commitment to make this vision a national success. The results are encouraging and more is definitely coming,” she said.

According to Rue, as the businesswoman is known in her social circles, the skin care and beauty solutions enterprise is fast taking the nation by storm with presence in areas like Bulawayo, Masvingo, Kadoma, Kwekwe, Mutare, Victoria Falls and Hwange through Balm of Africa agents who also have their own businesses.

“We have made serious inroads into most parts of the country thanks to our nationwide agents and service providers who sell and use our products for their own beauty and skin care-related businesses.

We also have a presence in South Africa and the UK and  hope to spread to all parts of the world with our products,” she said.

The skin revolutionist said the power behind her business is her passion and calling and not love for money.

“For me it’s not about money. This is all about passion and providing trusted and lasting solutions.

“I am not just a beauty therapist. I also fight for the people to maintain the skin because some clients approach us to change their skin and we teach them about the side effects,” she said.

The Balm of Africa MD said she has capitalised on the Covid-19-induced lockdown to push her products given the import limitations with the trusted international brands.

“Skin problems are a challenge for many and even for those with good skin you still need good and trusted products to take good care of yourself.

“I have, therefore, taken advantage of the limited supply of the trusted international brands due to Covid-19. Balm of Africa is a brand from a Zimbabwean woman and an African child bringing solutions to skin problems,” she said.

A confident beauty queen in her own right, Rue said she is addicted to good skin and would want to spread that feeling to fellow Zimbabwean men and women through her products.

“I am addicted to good skin and my business idea came as a result of my own experiences using processed sheer butter, the African black soap and all the natural ingredients.

“I actually had skin challenges of my own with black acne and pimples and after using processed sheer butter plus the African black soap and other natural ingredients, it worked and I decided to venture into full-time skin care and beauty products business,” she said.

Balm of Africa uses a basic before and after selling point whereby they give pictures and testimonies of clients before using their natural products.

“We processed sheer butter not raw butter, harvested from the trees.  The mixing is unique and is effective in helping deal with skin problems.

“We then share before and after pictures and testimonies from our clients to demonstrate effectiveness,” she said.

The Balm of Africa boss’ dream is to empower women around Zimbabwe through a business model where they become agents for her brand while also giving back to charity.

“My dream is for Balm of Africa to become a business network that empowers disadvantaged women by making them agents of our skin chapters, products in the process giving them a source of livelihood.

“I also intent to give back to charity through donating a percentage of our sales to charity,” she said.

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