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Why are you so easily distracted?


My Dear People,

With all that is happening in the country you would think that people would be focused, but no, the first distraction that comes and we are taken away.

If an alien landed from Mars today, they would think the most pressing issue in this country was Tino and her eggs.

A whole week has passed and all people can talk about is Tino and her eggs. Like really?

The question to be asked is how and why she landed in this position.

The government isn’t doing much to support the arts industry and Tino’s case was supposed to highlight that the authorities should do more.

But instead, the government turned this into a propaganda opportunity and the next thing they have set the agenda.

And the gullible opposition, instead of using this to hold the government to account, allows the government to set the agenda.

Our opposition is in desperate need of hand-holding, this is embarrassing.

Back to the artistes, most of them have literally been unable to earn a living from their craft for the past 15 or so months, but the government is yet to do anything about their plight.

I wonder if any artiste benefitted from Mthuli’s sophisticated algorithm.

Tino’s past is chequered. I won’t get into details, but I hope she uses this newfound goodwill to turn her life around.

Trying a hand on just about everything

The Page 2 Girl is an example that you can be anything you want in this life.

We have seen her setting up banks in her former constituency — don’t ask me what happened to this initiative, kkk.

We have also seen her behind the wheel of a bus, a judge in a cooking competition and even the country’s leading prayer warrior.

Last week she wore another hat, she is now a family counsellor, bringing an errant husband back to his long-suffering wife.

Where does she get the energy? I was always made fun of because of all my initiatives, but I have got nothing on this one. She takes the cake.

State capture

Queen Bee was in the news again this past week, this time it is the British that have put sanctions on him.

By the way, I need to ask these people why I am still on the sanctions list kkk, I am just a widow, who is trying to live a normal life.

Zanu PF and the government will obviously be angry on behalf of Queen Bee, but really? such state capture should be reined in.

We cannot have one person literally owning the whole country, it doesn’t make sense.

What we need is transparent governance and this means that instead of giving us the anti-sanctions drivel, authorities should be investigating and holding Queen Bee to account.

The government will earn itself some goodwill if it investigated Queen Bee and dissociated itself from him, but don’t hold your breath.

When Baba left Zanu PF, he left with all the intellectual capital and none of these people are thinkers.

Instead, they are preoccupied with immoral accumulation of wealth and aren’t worried about the rest of the country.

Yes, I spent a lot of money on shoes and clothes, but during Baba’s time, wealth was spread across many people and not one person.

By the way, Joji was screaming blue murder after an online publication used less than kind words in describing Queen Bee.

He even threatened the publication with unspecified action.

This is the type of bureaucrats we have. Instead of fighting for the country, he chooses to be angry on behalf of an individual.

It doesn’t make sense for a government official to reduce himself to being the spokesperson of an individual and then hide behind the same government when issuing threats.

When I dressed Joji down the other year, you thought I was crazy, but now you see the kind of person he is.

This country will not go anywhere with people like him in such senior positions.

Observing Covid protocols

My dear people, we now have to make difficult choices because this Covid-19 thing continues to kill.

We all know a friend or relative who has succumbed to this disease. The third wave is unrelenting with this Delta variant.

Staying at home in this economy is difficult, but now we have no choice, we need to stay at home, avoid crowded places and wear masks all the time.

The only Delta we want to be talking about is the one that brews beer, not this one that is killing people.

And the only way we can do that is by being responsible.


Dr Amai. PhD (Fake)

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