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KSG Di Don optimistic about single


SOUTH AFRICA-BASED Zimbabwean artiste Sean Marshall Konikere popularly known as KSG Di Don in the showbiz says he has found his feet in the Afro beats hoping to boost his career and fan base.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, ahead of his forthcoming single release titled Ndoda , KSG Di Don said: I began my musical career in 2010 doing rap songs at school. I used to record in one of my friend’s bedroom studio until I switched to dancehall in 2012.”

“During that time I did a couple of singles with producer Richard Vinyu in Chipinge and performed at talent shows, weddings and school events. It took me a lot of time to figure out where l was going wrong as l failed to get recognition.”

KSG Di Don who owns a studio in Maitland, Cape Town said it is difficult for rising artistes to get coverage and sponsorship to take their careers to the next level.

“I think up-and-coming artistes in Zimbabwe and abroad can agree that getting recording resources is quite a struggle. I have noticed there is no difference from the time i was doing music at home and now,” he said.

“As a new musician finding his way in the music field, getting acknowledged in my country is quite a challenge. I do not have any radio or television links so it is really hard to get my music across the border. At least if I can have my tracks on air it would improve my career and followers.”

KSG Di Don said his desire is to set up a recording studio in Harare.

“I have seen how artistes struggle and my future plans are to open a big studio back home and raise the Zimbabwean flag up high in the global music industry. I am also hoping to work with a few relevant artistes like Cindy Mashavi, Qounfused and Platinum Prince,” he said.

KSG Di Don has released a several singles and done numerous collaborations which include Paivapo, Pretty Gyalz, Sheka featuring Qounfused and Mai Mwana,Mubvunzo,Tell Me and Ndiwe featuring Trinnie Beatx.


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