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Duchess Meghan Markle and the Afro-American genius


In the story of the Duchess (of the British Empire) Meghan Markle it is easy to lose the genius of the African Americans, which I shall leave to the end.

The two-hour interview of Meghan and Prince Harry by Oprah Winfrey has shaken the moral foundations of the British Royal society. The loud-mouthed Americans had long-suffered finger- pointing of racism by superior attitude “Britishers”. Racism, they said, was an American problem.

The treatment of Meghan, an Afro-American woman, by members of the House of Windsor, and the witness borne by its own Prince Harry, has shaken the moral foundations of the monarchy.

But as we go through the drama, step by step, the genius of the African Americans comes through untainted.

Born from an insignificant Afro-woman of an unmistakable Negro skin, her maternal grandfather with an even more remarkable ebony shiny skin, Meghan was encouraged early on to associate herself with the white race. She herself (African English, iye pachake), having a Caucasian father, easily passes for a white Italian dark-skinned beauty. The arms in her repertoire for success were a Margaret Thatcher iron will to succeed, her beauty and cunning nature. Armed with these three arrows in her quiver, by age 33, she was a minor actress, but with formidable savings of US$11.5 million.

She was, therefore, a somebody when she started hanging out at a private club with the likes of Prince Harry of Windsor and Piers Morgan — a know-it-all upper class Englishman of the Rupert Murdoch scandal newspaper stable.

With that iron will mentioned earlier, she quietly put away the no-good white husband. Now free to take new risks and conquer the world, she cultivated the young Prince Harry. Born with everything, Harry had found camaraderie in his Afghan troop, but a spicy reporter revealed his presence there, ending a military career to which he was like a fish in water.

It was then that he wondered around and Meghan captured his love. Like the legendary Afro matriarch, she nartured the drunken prince to sobriety and purpose for which, we might add, the young prince, returned likewise with faithfulness, fortitude and courage.

Both needed courage and fortitude, for they were now, on returning to Britain (betrothed) to meet their old nemesis, the shameless Piers Morgan. A tweet, which reveals Morgan’s dark thoughts, says that since Meghan found herself in an “elevated place,” she had discontinued their friendship (2016).

Meghan, as I have said before, is a pretty woman, not only among people of our race, as she combines the white hue with a dark shade that shines through the night, and racists and infidels have confessed the same.

It might be, and I have no basis except that I have walked in the forest before, that Piers might have had some amorous thoughts about our sister. My intuition has been confirmed by another Englishman, Alex Beresford, a colleague of the hateful Morgan.

“I understand that you don’t like Meghan Markle. I am told you had a personal relationship with Meghan Markle and she cut you off. Since Meghan dropped you (2016), you have not stopped bashing her. This is diabolical.” There you are, young Zimbabwean journalists. Nothing will beat experience.

An evil duo

But Morgan had four years to dirty the good name of Meghan. He, of course, had the help of Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William. Kate is a commoner, who sought William at St Andrews by pretending to study archaeology so she could catch his eye.

When Meghan, with an actress career behind her, a photogenic face, a beauty that surpassed all understanding, an Afro-American at that, the hatred of a woman was kindled in her heart.

From the start, she quarrelled with Meghan about flowers at Meghan’s wedding. For God’s sake, it was Meghan’s wedding, she could choose whatever flowers she liked.

But, dear readers, you have forgotten that there was that Morgan adumbrating every little mole hole into a mountain, and making Meghan the interloper and villainess.

And then, this is the coup-de-grace. Ms Kate (according to our sources) spread the annoying information that Prince Archie, Meghan’s son, could be a “throwback” while still in her womb.

Oh, men of Zimbabwe, how the devil never ceases to impress me with his tricks.

When I was working in Texas, there were some very dark- skinned scions of very powerful families. These families traced their heritage to New Orleans mademoiselles, those dark-skinned French beauties.

Unknown to the wife-starved Texans, the mademoiselles were mothered by Afro-women . . . Occasionally, a child with two white parents was born brown. In hushed whispers, we were told the child was a “throwback” to the Afro-grandmother.

It was such a serious issue that Harry shared the information with Meghan.

The Royal House of Windsor was weighed in the scales and found wanting.

Pregnant, surrounded by hateful royal gossipers, her appeals for psychological help were ignored. When she protested, screws were tightened.

Her passport, her savings accounts and investments, her driver’s licence, her baby-sitters (called Governesses) were as imperious as if they received orders from on high. Typical of an American, she attempted to tell them who was boss. Three of them quit. Morgan adumbrated the events into a scandal, an overbearing American woman without class.

Self-exiled to Canada, they found that the Canadians had not received any instructions from the Queen about their protection.  Harry told Oprah, at this point, they lived off his allowances from his mother and Meghan’s savings.

The Afro-genius

Brother Tyler Perry was raised by a domineering grandmother, nicknamed Mama Media, about whom he has made many successful films.

The films were a hit because they resonated with the lives of many African Americans and whites.

Working with Oprah, they extended a hand of friendship to Meghan; allowed her and her husband a house in Hollywood free of charge and provided security as well.

Perry and Oprah have no debt to the House of Windsor, who, for all intents and purposes, would regard them as nobodies. They are the progeny of the despised slaves.

You aspiring Zimbabwean writers, ask yourself this question: Which among them has shown mercy, grace and compassion, the lofty House of Windsor who ride in a golden carriage, or Brother Perry and Sister Oprah, sons and daughters of slaves?  That is the genius of the African Americans.

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