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Live updates on the National Stay away

Workers under the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions and citizen groups have begun a national stayaway in protest against the recent increase in the price of fuel, and the general economic meltdown the country is going through.
We give you updates on what is happening countrywide.

BY 14:20
This unidentified young man had hidden from police who followed protestants into their homes in Epworth.

<strong>by 14:00</strong>
People have barricaded all the streets in Highfield

<strong>by 14:05</strong>
Looting at Machipisa Shopping Centre in Highfield

<strong>by 14:10</strong>
All the streets in Highfield virtually impassable

BY 1325

By 12:45
Buses being stoned, Extra City has been stoned also.

An Eagle Liner is being stoned as well, all the windows have been broken and the bus has been sat on fire.

By 12:40
More barricades along Mutare Road. Cars blocked from proceeding.

All roads from Kuwadzana are closed.

NewsDay reporters in the field are trying to negotiate at every intersection.

By 12:30
Shots fired in Mabvuku. Standoff between police and protesters at Kamunhu Shopping Centre.

By 12:10
Reports of soldiers in the town of Harare.

Rain and thunder forecasts.

In Glenview, along Highglen shops, people have barricaded the road.

Police now moving door to door, beating people in Kuwadzana.

By 11:40
Four people shot and injured in Epworth.

Eight arrested so far.

Police breaking doors of homes arresting people inside.

By 11:30
Police offers are spotted in groups in Harare City Centre

ZADHR Doctors are on standby to provide medical care to those affected by the demonstrations taking place across the country. They state: “Our HOTLINE NUMBER is 0777604610. Kindly SMS, WhatsApp or call if in need of urgent medical attention.”

Gvt alleged to have ordered Potraz to block whatsapp and twitter.

By 11:15 am
In Harare, schoolkinds are urged to stay home or get picked up by parents.

In Pumula, a policecar was overturned and a store was looted. More reports are coming in of lootings.

In Harare, people are walking home along Seke Road.

Shops are closed in Harare City centre.

A lot of commuters are now stranded.

NewsDay reporters in the field are hearing gunshots in and around Kuwadzana.

Government offices have also shut down.

By 10 am

In Harare, there are reports of police clashing with protesting crowds in Mabvuku, Kuwadzana and Chitungwiza.

Protesters are burning tyres and barricading roads, and police are responding by deploying teargas and water.

Armed police are patrolling many parts of Harare.

In Chitungwiza, protesters are marching along Seke Road, near Chikwanha Shopping Centre.

A number of schools have not opened, with some reports that pupils were turned back.

Army helicopters are reportedly hovering over Harare.

In Bulawayo, the situation is reportedly tense in the city centre, with reports that protesters are marching in the streets. Police are firing teargas.

Below are some of the images we have received.

The usually busy Harare-Bulawayo Road is empty. Pic by Keith Ncube
The usually busy Harare-Bulawayo Road is empty

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