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Author fuses academic content, exam tips and motivation in new book

Title: “A” Level Divinity: The Old Testament Through Questions and Answers
ISBN: 9780797451452
Pages: 164
Published by: Greatness Clinic Education

The thought of one combining various and sometimes separate offices is one that is difficult to comprehend for most people, but, this is the case that you find a person like Arthur Marara in, an attorney, renowned motivational speaker and author.

Report by Our correspondent

Despite his background, he found time to come up with an Advanced Level Divinity book, which is one of the six academic books he has written and has been approved and recommended by the Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture for use in schools in Zimbabwe in 2012.

The book will certainly court the reader’s attention by virtue of its packaging, with a colourful cover design of a writing prophet and immaculate presentation inside. The author added a little bit of flair by adding embossing to the wording and logo on the book.

The Old Testament through Questions and Answers is meant for use by those who are studying the current Zimsec Advanced Level Divinity Syllabus. The author starts from a motivational perspective by taking the student through practical tools for examination preparation.

His contention is that examinations are failed not because students do not know answers; the examinations are failed because students do not know how to handle material in an examination. The book deals as well with key psychological issues that are important for a student’s success e.g. interest and attitude, studying with understanding, having study groups, importance of having associations, overcoming failure and fear of failure. This is a noble initiative as motivation plays a critical role in success in life.

The book also takes the student into the examination room and teaches fundamental principles e.g avoiding panicking, importance of being organised, time management, choice of questions, answering all required questions, and how to deal with difficult questions, among other principles. Equipping a student for the examination is very important so that one does not fail simply because they did not know what to do in an examination room.

The author also provides a glossary of key terms which are often found in examination questions e.g., “Describe, Explain, Account for, Evaluate, Outline…” This is important in helping students know what is expected from them when they are attempting a particular question.

The book is structured on a questions and answer basis. The approach that the author took is exam-based.
Fifty questions and answers are thematically arranged. Individual comments as to how to answer a particular question are provided in the book.

Marara features modern prophets

The author traces the origins of prophecy in Ancient Israel and its primitive stages, contributions of individual prophets covered by the syllabus, distinction between true and false prophets, and transmission of prophetic messages. The author also explores books by prophets such as Amos, Hosea, Jeremiah and Isaiah. He further gives the student an additional 50 practice questions.

In this book, you will find discussions of a number of Zimbabwean prophets like Paul Mwazha, Johanne Masowe, Johanne Marange, Emmanuel Makandiwa, and Uebert Angel among others. It brings closer Ancient Israelite prophecy home and draws parallels with Zimbabwean prophecy. This makes the book more interesting and can help those people who have keen interest in understanding prophecy in general.

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